Awards and Achievements

Social Media Awards

Sweetie Fall began taking part in networking hours and competitions on Twitter in order to promote our business to other small businesses and also to potential customers. It is through this networking that we achieved the following awards.

19th March 2017

Bright Pig announced Sweetie Fall as business of the week along with two other small businesses on Twitter. This allows me to use the hashtag #brightpigWINNER in my posts and display the following badge where necessary.

20th April 2017

#twittersisters is a weekly networking hour on Twitter and after participating they announced Sweetie Fall as their weekly winner.

27th April 2017

The Royal Connection was started by Aqua Design Group as a way to celebrate women in business with the #QueenOf day competition. This allows businesses to send a tweet about their business to be in with a chance of being crowned #QueenOf. Sweetie Fall was chosen as the #QueenOf Sweet Parties which gave me access to the Royal Connection Winners Directory and social media groups.

10th July 2017

Sweetie Fall was chosen to be the #StarBiz for the next #BritishBizParty networking hour on Twitter. This hour was aimed at promoting my business by engaging with other businesses and showing more of my products to the users of Twitter.


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